Jeep Drives, Atulya kanchi Camp,Bandhavgarh
Jeep Drives, Atulya kanchi Camp,Bandhavgarh

Best deal online for stay and Jeep drives Bandhavgarh National Park, India Atulya Kanchi Camp.

Black face Monkey, Atulya Kanchi Camp, Bandhavgarh National Park, India
Black face Monkey, Atulya Kanchi Camp, Bandhavgarh National Park, India

Black Face Monkey in front of Private Cottage, Atulya Kanchi Camp, wildlife Resorts in Bandhavgarh National Park, MP, India

Guest Atulya Kanchi Camp, bandhavgarh
Guest Atulya Kanchi Camp, bandhavgarh

Guest Enjoying outdoor awaiting cup of a Chai, Atulya Kanchi Camp Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

Jeep Drives, Atulya kanchi Camp,Bandhavgarh
Jeep Drives, Atulya kanchi Camp,Bandhavgarh

Best deal online for stay and Jeep drives Bandhavgarh National Park, India Atulya Kanchi Camp.



Our Wildlife Camp / Resort. ( The project "Kanchi" a true story of an Elephant relations)
The resort is a creation of love with wildlife and Mother Nature and its beautiful people.
It’s a perfect blend of hard work dedication by creating a unique village typology that serves the ultimate aim of creating a true eco wildlife conscious project uniting conservation, communities and sustainable tourism.
The design was purely all ancient methods that served to unify and balance wildlife and nature within & around the entire resort o.
The contemporary modest architecture & interiors blends effortlessly with the Jungle.

 The Private Eco Cottages

The Private Cottages lay out along an alliance that blends with the peaceful open agriculture land surrounded by all forest and Sal trees -birds, jackals, black face Monkey.
The Cottages have been planned with utmost care without spoiling the mood of nature – all Cottages with traditional look as “Johpri” the traditional tribal village houses. First time somewhere in the world perfect blend of our experience and tradition  together developed the Cottages and the roof of all the Cottages has four layers the first layer is of the thatch the second layer bamboo raft and wood blocks the third Layer is of Canvas the last layer is fine cotton liner.

By this way when the temperature hot outside you feel cooler inside your “Jhopri” (Cottage Room) same way temperature cold outside of room then you feel warmer inside. This way we tried to make best use of Mother Nature adopting Eco friendly methods.
Cottges has huge space inside /outside gives a privacy & peace, all wooden flooring. Bath with shower, Bath tab and toilets en suit but separated to be used at same time.
The natural scenery has been incorporated with the design, giving it an open feel. Nature has been brought into the interiors. Garden chair placed in front of the Cottages for perfect view encountering birds & other wildlife around.

 Game viewing and day at "Atulya Kanchi Camp"

Two game drives into the Tiger Reserve each day. You enter the park by the nearby quite Maghdi, Tala and Khitoli Gate.

You are escorted by local naturalist guides and drivers who know the forest intimately.
We enter the park before sunrise using; initially we will be looking for signs of Tiger movement, pugmarks listening for the alarm calls of Langur monkeys, Chital and Sambar Deer.

If the elephant teams have successfully tracked Tigers we will leave our jeep and venture deep into the forest by elephant, to gain fantastic close views of Tigers.
Back in our jeeps we continue our game drive before returning to our lodge for breakfast.

Time is now available to explore the lodge grounds or simply relax. After lunch we re-enter the park by jeep looking for wildlife and Tigers. Just before sunset predator activity increases and Tigers, Leopards and Sloth Bears may be spotted.In-between game drives explore forest trails, which lead into thicker jungle and to traditional tribal villages.
Chances to see some of the antelopes or other wildlife around the resort which is quite common.

When the sunsets wandering Chital Deer, Wild Boar and Jackals, are attracted into the peaceful grounds and the well-established fruit trees attract many resident birds. While nearby the Indian Wolf and Wild Dog have been spotted.

As we sip a pre- dinner drink, the evening chorus of the Mottled Wood Owl in the branches of the Sal trees and packs of communicating Jackals begins.

Covid prepared:

Our Camp/Resort "Atulya Kanchi Camp", "Bandhavgarh National Park", India.

We are surrounded by forest, absolute wilderness, best suited for stay in a safest place to enjoy your wildlife and leisure vacation.


Fight out together Covid 19 penadamic, we can't deny any of our moral responsibility together to follow all basic and important guidelines set by Local, Central Government bodies and world health organsation guideline.

  1. Travel light with all weather baggage can be cleaned or washed.

  2. Sanitizer spray, face Mask, sun glasses and a muffler or scarf.

  3. In our Camp/Resort we provide hand sanitizer / Spray your carry baggage.

  4. We clean and sanitize our rooms before every check in and check out.

  5. Keep shoes outside the rooms shoe racks provided.

  6. Please keep luggage at designated areas all the time and do not change the places.

  7. Washing strictly not allowed in the room , we provide laundry with guidelines.

  8. Owned self driven cars or by Driver - Only Car's are allowed in a free parking area.

  9. At the time of Check in will check the body temperature by scanner, in case any symptoms guest will be advised and helped in way to be referred to the medical Covid management team of the area.

  10. Before checking in and after checking out any symptoms later of Covid we will not be responsible for the cause. Instead we will be informed of the same.

Our great efforts together make it happen without any problems, just all enjoyment with confidence rest assured you will be our guest in safe hands.

Best wishes Your host, Neeraj and Arti Pathania

Wear Mask fight out Covid 19. We all set to counter the pandemic.
Game viewing and day at Atulya Kanchi Camp.Deer Image
Tiger Pug Marks
Tiger Pug Marks
The Private Eco Cottages image.